Not too long ago I bought a ZVex Fuzz Factory. I absolutely love the pedal, but it a knob is ever so slightly off it's place the sound is just completely different. A band mate suggested I mark my favorite spot with a sharpie.

I'd like to keep the resale value high in case for some reason, unbeknown to me, I choose to sell it. I thought of marking it with a glow in the dark pen I have.

So I ask, how do you all keep track of your knob positions, and do you have an suggestions for me?
alot of people use scotch tape and a marker, just draw the knobs and mark the positions on the tape then put it below the real knobs
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Use a sharpie the wash it off when you sell it?

wouldn't that affect the paint on the pedal?
WOuld it not be the simplest just to have a separate piece of paper with your fav settings?
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the fuzz factory is so touchy that if the knob is even a hair off the sound is just completely different... It's a real love hate relationship.

I love the pedal, but I hate how much of a baby it can be...
Everyone uses masking tape as george said.
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