"there's a fine line between love and hate, you see
came way too late
but baby, i'm on it....."

i'm resigned to this position
and you are resigned to yours.
before we ever knew one another,
they planted a lot of weeds in our brains and veins,
binding our roots to some decrepit strain.
our faces were blurred,
eyes crossed out,
voices slurred.
so when we inevitably collided along the continuum,
we were looking at aliens.

and it's just the way we were cultivated:
our bloodstreams allowed for our fertile skin;
they've sowed our flesh
and dug right in;
and our ears were orchestrated to harmonize
opinionated chatter
they've found their moments to chime in
with stalwart orders
and hyena laughter.

but like the faintest star
shining its presence onto earth,
a hope illumines my obscurity:
that i will look at you
and you will look at me
and we'll take a step back to adjust our lens,
wipe off the dirt
to bring some clarity.

and we'll be vivid.

"now see, that's liberation
and baby, i want it...."
here, My Dear, here it is
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This was soooo much more grown up and emotionally distraught than your last writings.
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thanks man, i appreciate it. i see you have a new piece up. i'll be getting to that as soon as i can.
here, My Dear, here it is