I've got an LP, I'm wanting to install some P-Rails with my Sustainer.

In the neck position - Sustainer Humbucker used with the 3-way pup selector
In the bridge position - P-Rail used with the 3-way selector too.
The above 2 share a vol & tone pot & wire together as show in the *ahem* rather large picture below.

In the Mid a Neck-P-Rail with a pot for tone & vol for it's own use, wired into a constantly on position so I can roll off the volume at any point to kill the sound.

The bridge has it's own 3 way selector for the p90/hum/rail selection & a 2 way for a phase/parallel.

The mid had it's own 3 way selector for the p90/hum/rail selection & a 2 way for a phase/parallel.

Is it actually possible to do this or am I wanting to much?
Any suggestions on how to wire this baby up?

Thanks in advance!

That's the current harware installed in my guitar awaiting to get wired up:

This is the sustainer kit since it's a little blurred on the photo too:

P-Rail Diagrams:

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uhhmmm you might not want the mid constantly on with a sustainer on board. sorta adverse effects there with noise in some situations when using the sustainer which is why it disables the neck pickup when you turn it on.

the wiring aint to difficult. check the wiring thread and figure out the layout for the pickups and the switches, then on the sustainer board where it says from 3-way you wire in all the pickups coming from the 3way. honestly i think you are extremely over-complicating things with all those tonal options and toggle switches... anyway just remember that everything has to hit the sustainer board and you should have no problem coming up with a wiring diagram.
so how'd you get on ? have you wired it up yet?

I've just wired up the prails into my Tokai Talbo with Sustainer. I was fairly worried that there would be lots of noise... and yes, it's changed the sustainer quite dramatically.

* The sustainer gives a loud high pitched "hiss" unless the prail is in P90 mode.
* the sustainer harmonic controls appear to have been reversed. so now Root note mode now produces harmonics, and harmonic mode brings out the root notes.

* the gain on the sustainer seems dramatically higher. It now sustains forever even on the minimum setting, and has an amazing strong hold when cranked up.

hope this helps, and gives you some hope that it's all worth doing. Maybe just hook up one pickup first, and check out the sound before doing all that wiring...