So im looking at getting a c1 plus but i need to tighten the bottom end a bit. how can i enhance the bottom end a bit? would pickup swaps help? im looking to run it via a 6505 and carvin v3.

(i want that scale of guitar so i can run 10 gauges on it and shred comfortably).
I really doubt new pickups will make more different than putting a EQ in the chain. When it comes to only bottom end, that is...

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^^ i have to...

hmm idk actually i wonder whats the difference between the C-1 and C-1 plus?

Much... The regular C-1 is lower budget line. C-1 Plus is very different with 24.75 scale length and unique features only this line has.

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i thought schecters were 25.5" scale guitars... if not i'd recommend hotter pickups. but i really thought they were all 25.5"... haha
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I prefer 24.75 scale guitars, but that's just because they're easier for me to play standing up.

my guitars have tight enough bottom end as it is, it's pretty much al in your EQ
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if you are adamant on non eq pedals or different eq'ing then you can look for pickups with a higher low end, i think the SD JB has a highpowered low end.
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yeah smae thing here.. C-1 is 25.5" isnt it???

c1 plus
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^^ i have to...

hmm idk actually i wonder whats the difference between the C-1 and C-1 plus?

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passive duncan designed
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nicer finish (IMO)
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If you want a tight bottom end, you should get an amp for that.
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