Now i need some opinions from people who know what they are talking about so i came here. A friend of mine won a squier strat, probably an affinity, signed by george thorogood. Now someone told her that if he dies that it will be worth $200,000 and i just broke out laughin becuase that sounds like way to much for a crappy guitar and signed by a artist who isnt even that big. anyone got any thoughts of how much it is worth now, and after he dies, please post. thanks
If the artist isn't that big but has a group of insanely loyal fans who will bid their left toes, liver, and heart for it, it'll be worth a lot if auctioned off in the right place.
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he's quite famous, and it'd worth the most in the immediate days after his death. Having said that i haven't a fucking clue what a fairly shit guitar signed by a fairly famous man would fetch.
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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Value is subjective.

Well clearly.
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