Well my mate is getting a new guitar for his birthday, and, well his IP adress got banned on UG () so I thought I'd do a nice thing and ask around for him.

His budget is around £500, and he's pretty much just plays Metallica esque metal

Its gonna be his second guitar, his first being an Epiphone SG (dunno model, its got custom pups, prolly not good ones though.)

His amp is a Randall 50 watt tube stack, and its great for what he plays, so no worries here.

SO what do you reccomend? Remember, we're in the UK


24 frets would be good, but not a problem.

Tremolo, floyd or normal.

Not too bothered about pups.
ibanez s520 or s670, some sort of esp, schecter hell raiser, jackson dinky, randy rhodes or king v
Used Schecter C-1 Classic.

I'm biased because I own one but it has 24 frets, great tone from pickups that can handle metal but also have sweet cleans, and it looks great.

But I wouldn't recommend buying a guitar without trying one first though. It all comes down to how the guitar feels.

The Hellraiser is a good one too. Probably more suited for teh metuhlz.
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