Ok, I bought a zane7 guitar from a local dealer and I think I have messed it up pretty bad. The guitar has an original Floyd Rose and was factory set with 9-42 strings. The action was paper low for about the first month. I replaced the 9's with 10's and the strings were touching the frets and buzzing. So I raised the trem but now the strings are way off.... this guitar is by far my favorite guitar to date and I need help getting it back to its original action. Does anyone know what to do or have any tricks on setting these trems up? the guitar is a Teddy Zane model, Zane7 chrome. PLease help.
There's a FR set up thread at the top of this section of the forums. I don't quite understand, is your trem parallel to the body of your guitar? What do you mean by your strings are off, are they too high/low?
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Yeah the strings are now sitting to high, if I lower them they buzz around the 14 and 15 frett. Should I adjust the neck to get them lower?
yea that'll need a truss rod adjustment and some work on the floyd, shouldnt take very long.