In their guitars in stock area are those guitars that were ordered by someone that never paid, so they just have em sitting there? Cuz that would mean that if I've found a guitar I want it probably won't be their long so I need to hurry before I miss the chance, right?
That is most likely the reason they are in the "in stock" section. The only other reason I can think of is that perhaps they made mistakes on what custom order customers wanted, and they had been returned.
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Carvin began offering "In-Stock" guitars and basses in 2001, to accommodate customers who didn't want to wait for a custom-built instrument. Although Carvin had been keeping basic models on-hand for immediate sale since the 1980's, the Internet revolution meant that instruments featuring Carvin's wide selection of options could be posted online and sold as soon as the guitar or bass was completed. This proved to be a hugely popular feature of the website, and now, Carvin builds hundreds of instruments every year expressly for the Guitars-in-Stock section.

There built to sell not for anyone
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Yeah, you are looking at the actual guitar itself when you look in that section. They are all pretty much one of a kind guitars so if you find one you they wont be making another one for the guitars in stock section. No harm in getting a custom shop though
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oh, so they're built just to be sold like that, but they're all one of a kind. ok, well that still leaves me wanting to get it ASAP

And I'm guessing getting it built in the custom shop would cost more because something similar i just did for a price check with another one that's almost the same except it has two humbuckers instead of HSH and I chose different woods and black hardware ended up being $1700, whereas the one I'm looking at is $1400
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