I just got a brand new Fender Sonoran SCE Custom. It arrived last night and after just a few minutes of playing with I noticed that the first and second frets buzz (on either side of teh very first fret bar) and it mostly noticeable on the top three strings. The buzz is pretty prominent and its something I might expect from a lower end guitar or one thats been a little banged up over time, but thats not what this is. So, what is there to do about it? Is there a way for me to fix it without risking messing up my guitar or should I take it back to Guitar Center and have them deal with it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rae.
This might not be right as your problem is only with two frets, but as it's an electro acoustic it may be the wires inside are buzzing when you play. I had this trouble and sorted it by routing inside and moving them a bit.

I just thought I'd say this now, as it's probaly not the problem, just if all else fails you could try it.

Hope this helps.
I would take it back and get a non-Fender acoustic. Their quality is pretty lame from my understanding, and I don't think they sound good, but that's a discussion for another day.

Other than that your action could just be too low and that's what's causing the strings to buzz.
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