well my dad gave me an acoustic to play slide on, and its an old guitar that has seen a lot of gigging. he got it at the start of the 90s (about 90-92) when he was playing a gig in finland and when he went to get the money for playing from the person organising it they were gone. afterwards he and some other musicians were at the hotel room drinking and the owner of the venue was there. as they had been the only band not paid up front (not being local musicians as everyone else that evening) the owner offered to pay my dad with a guitar. since his current guitar was some russian built piece of wood with strings attached he was happy to take it, especially seeing as it said 'epiphone by gibson' on the headstock and guitars like that were REALLY hard to come across in a republic just coming out of the soviet regime (estonia).

well thats the backstory, now for my question. i want to know how old and what kind of guitar it actually is. inside it theres the sticker with the serial number and model. both of them are really faded, but the model is SQ180 and all i can make out of the serial number is 8803258 - but i always thought gibson serial numbers had 8 digits, not 7. it looks like a SQ180 should look (star inlays, small but thick neck, binding) with minor differences - from looking at pictures i see that SQ180 should have a huge pickguard, but theres no trace of a pickguard ever existing on the guitar. it sounds nice with a slide, but the fretboard is loose near the nut and the nut is a bit loose as well, so i wont be playing normally on it. it might be a knockoff of some kind (but why would you make a knockoff of an epiphone?) i guess. it doesnt say anywhere where it was made.

for those not interested in the wall of text: got an old guitar from dad, want to identify its age / authenticity, only got a partial serial number. im not gonna get rid of it if its a fake since its a piece of family history i have here.
i know that, but it says 'epiphone by gibson' so that must be after the takeover.
Quote by kr44n4
i know that, but it says 'epiphone by gibson' so that must be after the takeover.

Hahha, sorry, didn't read that part...well then, I don't know what to say. Any chance you could get some pics up?
i did some research on google and i found out that its a Don Everly Guitar and its about $250 to $300 now a days.

it is an epiphone and the pick guard isnt traditional but some didnt come with one.

heres a website that is selling one that has a back story to the guitar

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thanks draind, the guitar does look pretty much like mine if not for the differences - mine doesnt have that bellshaped truss rod cover on the headstock, in fact you cant access the truss rod from the headstock. mine doesnt just say epiphone, but epiphone by gibson (both on the headstock and the sticker with the serial number).
maybe the don everly sq180 you found is a newer version of mine?