Im using my electric like an acoustic to practice because I can only practice at night and my son goes to bed at 7:00 and I need to be able to hear my wife. Im just learning the basics (chords, progression, picking, strumming, etc..) right now but I would like to be able to throw in some rock riffs and songs as well to keep things fun. what riffs and song tabs could i play without an amp? thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
you can play anything without an amp, so long as it doesn't consist of alot of pulloffs. If you want an easy song, look at My Generation. It uses 2 powerchords on the main riff, and is a good song to learn first.
you can play any song without an amp
its more or less imagining the sound of it rather than hearing it i guess?
learn some classics
or whatever youre interested in
If you want fast, good sounding riffs, listen to the album Dookie by Green Day, alot of the songs are 3 chords and sound impressive.
Supersonic - Oasis
Maybe Tomorrow acoustic - Stereophonics

I like playing those two songs in particular, for their chords

But yes you can play almost any rock without an amp, for practice

Look at some Red Hot Chili Peppers music, the progressions are always interesting. I.e. Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue, Californication
thanks bros. keep the suggestions coming if ya got em
el cheapo gear but it works
more than a feeling (look up some video lessons for the left hand position) sounds good without amp, prodigal son by iron maiden (killers) also., don't fear the reaper by blue oyster cult, heart of gold by neil young, nirvana unplugged maybe?

hope this post was helpful
probably my all time favorite band is Lynyrd Skynyrd. can I learn to play pretty much all thier songs without an amp? thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
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Pretty much yeah. I play Sweet Home Alabama acoustic all the time.

There are bound to be basic chords and such for all of the songs.
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im lookin for good songs or intros that use standard tuning? thanks
el cheapo gear but it works
I really love playing the riff from "Day Tripper" by The Beatles. Not sure if it suits your musical tastes, but it's a great sounding, easy, and FUN riff to play over and over again.
Some electrics...
Some acoustics...
AC/DC stuff? Great, easy classic rock riffs..
Try Highway to Hell first. When you get the chance to use your amp, learn Back in Black.
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You could try the acoustic part for Freebird =)
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Get some headphones. Seems like somebody is always sleeping or watching television at my house. Practice usually happens between 5:00am - 6:30am. Headphones upped my electric practice from next to nothing to all I can stand!