Just finished this; i was trying to write a funk song but got messing around on my acoustic and this was the result, it could probably do with a bit more work on the levels but trying to just get an opinion at the moment, crit4crit and thanks.
There is a serious sync problem between guitars and drums. I will crit beside this.
The guitar work is interesting.
I like it when a new harmony emerges from different lines. This said, a bass line would had even more
You have some interesting ideas in there.

Fix the drums problem, add a bass line and you'll have a very interesting track.

C4C : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1183038
yer i agree i was originally not gonna put any drums because with them i dunno they just dont fit with the rhythm at all, i might buy some maracas and add some percussion in that way.

Your track- What can i say, it was awesome, very satriani-ish which is great because he has an amazing grasp on music. You say its an improv, i think you should try and develop it into a whole song cause it could be something great.