Just got this from a guy off craigslist.

Paid $250 with the case.

It's got a Fishman Prefix Plus in it which is better than the Godin preamp that comes with the regular model. The guy installed it, cause it was previously just an acoustic.

Check out the pics
Full guitar shot:


Scratches and wear (guy didn't take very good care of it.):

Plays and sounds great! A couple things could be better, but nothing a setup can't fix. I got an awesome deal on it.
HNGD! I love me some S6
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Nice seagull! HNGD! When I went to go try out my Alvarez, the guy I bought it from had me try out his seagull too (just to show what kind of guitar he liked; he was selling the alvarez cause of the "narrower neck"), and it played very nice; I think it was a similar model to yours, except it didn't have a cutaway on it. Very nice guitar though!
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VERY nice! i love the color of that top. almost looks aged
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Beautiful... cedar does scratch easily (my Entourage has a few scratches now where your cutaway is, from windmills gone horribly wrong), but I hate guitars looking too new anyway.

Congrats, HNGD!

Thanks all! And yeah, my other acoustic is a Takamine EAN40C and the top scratches and marks like nobody's business. Doesn't bother me, though.
I'm envious of you, I can never find good deals on used gear...
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