South African 800m star Caster Semenya has been asked to take a gender test, according to athletics' governing body.

The South African athletics federation insist it is "completely sure" that the 18-year-old Semenya is a female.

Semenya is considered a favourite to win gold in Wednesday's 800m final at the World Championships in Berlin.

She burst onto the world stage earlier this year, running 1.56.72 in Bambous three weeks ago, smashing her previous personal best by more than seven seconds.

She also broke Zola Budd's long-standing South African record and arrived here as the newly-crowned African junior champion.

Good lord, what better way to decimate the self esteem of a young woman.
This goes down for me as one of the most ridiculously pointless exertions of power by a 'governing body', or any of these hopelessly out of touch associations, ever.

Power-drunk old guys with too much free time, controlling stuff that doesn't need to be controlled.

Unless she turns out to be a guy. But surely someone would have already noticed!
Look everybody! She's a fraud!
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