Didn't know where else to post this.

I tried going to rondomusic.com using Firefox version 3.0.13 and I got
the attack page warning, and it seems to be a legitimate Firefox warning, looking just like this:


And apparently there's been some malicious activity there.
So what gives and is anybody else getting this on Mozilla Firefox with Suspected attack site on in your security settings?

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That's what you get. Good thing Firefox is there to protect you from badware.
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ive also get that when i try going on it. i downloaded the latest firefox the other day and obviously i added the chromifox skin
That's what you get.

Agiles are nice, dude.

Good thing Firefox is there to protect you from badware.

but yeah +1

Did you click on the "why is this site blocked" thing. It says googled scanned the site and found 2 infected pages

Everything Can Be Beaten
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its better than the pear anyway

on topic, no i'm not getting it.
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avg s telling me its safe :S but firefox isnt
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