K, so my YCV50 Blue stopped working yesterday. I thought it overheated, but no. It simply won't turn on.

So I called L&M and they said it could be a fuse or tubes.

I have a gift card, and the amp probably needs new tubes, so should I just e-mail Doug at dougstubes or whatever? I need to somehow select what tubes I should pick. If anyone actually has suggestions, fire away. Just a good all-around set of tubes would be nice.

It does sound like you blew a fuse which as we all have learned is most likely power tube related. Call Doug and get a tube recommendation. He'll take care of you.
I personally, always recommend SED's (Winged C's) and a Tung-sol 12ax7 in V1 and Shuguang 9th gen's (Silver Dragons) the rest of the way. This tube combo will always bring great results. Best wishes.
+1 to dougstubes.

My suggestion
Tung Sol / JAN 5751 / Penta Labs 9th Gen

I've heard good things on the SED Winged C's so another +1

(TheEsupremacy is on a roll today)

Edit: PS - Traynors are great amps. Very well made.
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"Hi Mark,

Go with the RUBY EL34BSTR's and for the 3 x 12AX7's, do a Tung-Sol in V1, a Penta Labs 7025C in V2 and a Sovtek LPS in V3.


That's what Doug e-mailed me back with. Jesus, that was fast as hell! Good call, I take it?