Thinking of selling my engl fireball for something more classic rock, and english....can anyone else add to this list to check out ?

( )* is what im interested in

Marshall (50w vintage modern)
Orange (rockerverb 50 used)
Vox (not given much thought)
Hiwatt (not given much thought)
Blackstar(series 1 100w head)
Cornford ( used 50w head)
Laney (lh 50)
ESP Eclipse I CTM FR (KGC BRASS BLOCK + IronGear Blues Engine + Dirty Torque + BCS Wiring Kit
Jet City Fusion

Blackstar S1-104 EL34

Engl Standard 4x12 (V60's)

Korg PitchBlack
ZCAT Delay-Reverb
Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Fr
Gibson Les Paul Studio with Seymour Duncans
Avalon Gold series acoustic
ESP LTD 7-string

Marshall 100DFX
Peavey Valveking 212

Boss GT-10
orange definitely

if you haven't played one before, try to find one to play and you will no longer have any doubt
im asking if anyone knows anymore manufacturers
ESP Eclipse I CTM FR (KGC BRASS BLOCK + IronGear Blues Engine + Dirty Torque + BCS Wiring Kit
Jet City Fusion

Blackstar S1-104 EL34

Engl Standard 4x12 (V60's)

Korg PitchBlack
ZCAT Delay-Reverb
Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah
Orange rockerverb
Marshall JCM 800 2005 (2 channels and reverb)
Blackstar series one 100

All top notch amps.

I'd stay clear of the vintage modern. I'm not a fan, make sure you try it first.

And no, you've pretty much got all the British amp manufactures there worth mentioning.
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Quote by Beffyyy
im asking if anyone knows anymore manufacturers

oh my bad.

bad cat amps

I don't think it is made in england but it has incredible tone. Probably the best I've ever heard. They are pretty pricey, but they are all hand wired and class a.
Nice ones there. Hiwatt probably isn't what you want, since most of their amps are super clean. They came up with some high gain models lately as well, but I can't really comment on those.

Marshall, Orange and Laney are the obvious choices of course, and Dave always wets his pants whenever he talks about Cornfords, so they're probably worth a look.

My favourite amp for a British overdrive sound is the H&K Duotone, excellent crunch, I'd take it over any Marshall or Orange. Engl Blackmore is also worth a try if you like Marshall-y tones and need versatility.
Also look at the Framus Ruby Riot combo or the CB/CS top (head version of the combo). Definitely not metal amps, but great for British vintage tones.
if you're willing to look at smaller guys, you'd have things like martamp/MJW, matamp, EVA, Valvepower, Cornell, etc. etc. etc.

I haven't tried all of those, just to point out.
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Definately Look at cornford's Really good amps and look at JMI aswell
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Played two of his prototypes which he lent us!

yes, it was at a concert that me and few friends organised, our guitar teacher knew the guy who made them, and he gave us two. he had just sold an exact copy to the one we were playing through to bon jovi. . . . they sounded pretty amazing. but sadly cost over £3,000
British classic rock sound is what you're looking for? If you can afford it, the Blackstar Artisan series will surprise you: it surprised me and now I'm in love with them!
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