Poll: Which clip is the humbucker equipped guitar?
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First one (00:01)
3 30%
Second one (00:19)
7 70%
Voters: 10.
Was playing with my graphic EQ pedal earlier and had an idea.

Listen to this clip: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/pEdAl2/music/all/play684479

One guitar is a strat style equipped with PAF style pickups.
The other is my fender strat with SCN pickups with EQ pedal.
Both are running through a Soldano emulation on a PODxt.

One will play a riff, leave a bar then the other will play the same riff. Which is which?

Please excuse playing. Appreciate this isn't exactly a scientific test as it's only one riff through quite a distorted sound. Will do some more if wanted.

ANSWER: The second one was the real one. Only 2 people were fooled.
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