I have a les paul copy, I have had if for about 2 years now. However I still do not know what the brand/company is . Im trying to sell it on ebay and the brand really helps. I bought it, like, 4th hand or somthing, and the guy I got it off got it off ebay aswell. It plays pretty nice, has a pretty nice body, its pretty heavy; tuners are excellent, the wiring is very dodgy on the back pickup though. Also 2 of the knobs dont do anything . It was an okay guitar, but I need somthing that works better. I was thinknig of the Vintage VRS 100; anyway, yeah help with the brand is appreciated.
I would upload them so you could see them but I dont want to stretch the forum frame.

Thanks in advance
Are you sure, the logo is actually slightly different to the Samick one. Samick guitars tend to have different headstocks, this is more of a direct copy.
well, look on google images for the Samick Avion Av7
it's very similiar. And no, I'm not 100% sure. But i tried : P

Edit: damn, now that i look at it closely, it's even a slightly different shape.
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The headstock is different, mine has the LP cutsom on it, and the ut away is different.
He bought it from ebay, and the guy he bought it off had no idea. It was my first guitar so I dident care as long as it played. Talk to you guys tomorrow.
The headstock is different, mine has the LP cutsom on it, and the ut away is different.

rly? dont you see the (S) there?

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It does look simular, but the head stock is a different shape, and the guitar in genral is different as well.
So its an older, discontinued (Possible lawsuit, if they made any) Samick.
Its definitely a Samick.
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