Well i wasn't totally sure where to post this since it includes EG and GG&A material but i figured you guys can help.

I got an offer for my RG7620.

He offered an Ibanez SA220 and original 5150 head (he says the power tubes are all blown though). Is this a good deal?

i think your being offered a non-working quality amp in exchange for a quality guitar, the SA is just a sweetener with not much value. and if the amp needs it`s full compliment of tubes replacing, your gonna be looking at spend £200 on tubes...

this deal just doesn`t seem to be in your favour to me in terms of monetary value

there could be much more wrong with the amp than the tubes....in which case repairing the amp is going to cost a whole lot more cash and you`ve only got a cheap guitar to show for it.
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Try and get the guy to replace the tubes and then test it out or see if you can take it to a professional so they can see if theres anything else wrong with it.