Hi. Does anyone know how to get john squires guitar sound on "the stone roses" album for relatively cheaply? He used a mesa boogie mark 3 amp which is far too expensive and his gretsch country gentleman guitar is also too expensive. could i buy a cheap gretsch and fit filtertron pickups? he used an ibanez tube screamer, fuzz face and chorus pedals which i could get but what about guitar and amp if i had a budget of £700 for guitar and £700 for amp?
john used silverface fender twin reverbs, i got mine for £350 off ebay. here is a link to a cheap one twin
thanks for the link. squire originally only used twin reverbs but by the time they played at blackpool empress ballroom he used mesa boogies along with the fenders. the mesas was his main source of sound by then. if i did manage to get a twin reverb wouldnt i have to crank it to get the desired sound? these beasts were 100 watts so that would be too loud!
Drenching everything in reverb is a good start.
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