I answer my cell phone and hear "Hey (giggle) it's me again" and some recording is asking me to call the number back.
once, out of curiosity, I returned the call.
turns out it's a chat-line, surprise surprise.
now, the problem is that it's already got someone's credit card info.
I'm not trying to catch a case because of some stupid hotline calling my new cell number, so is there any way to remove the credit card or my phone number so that there's no chance of trouble?

also, I feel for the guy who put up his card, so I'd much rather remove the credit card (i assume that would also stop the calls) so that if I change my number, someone else doesn't take advantage of this.

also also, I've listened to the recording, there's no option for removing the card.
I've pressed pound, star, pretty much everything except the number to confirm the card.
Did you TELL THEM your credit card number?

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Flush your phone down the toilet. You will receive no more calls.
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Maybe it's a robot with a crush on you.
apparently if you mash the keypad on those automated machines it just fucks up and patches you through to a real person idk
get their number and put it on /b/....
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