im taking some of your suggestions and getting a isp decimator. there seams to be 2 stomp box varieties... the standard isp dec, and the isp dec g string. theres also these two versions in a rack component with our without stereo. is it worth the money for the g string... and what are the benefits of getting the rack version? what is the stereo version used for?
stereo is for use with 2+ amps. Just go for the standard. Does the job perfectly well, and is less expensive (a bit).
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get the g-string if you your guitar is noisy and your preamp is noisy(and you have an effects loop). The g-string basically has 2 noise gates in one. If just one of the 2 are noisy, get the regular.
Unless you use a bunch of effects in your loop, a single ISP Decimator up front will work just fine. It really all depends on your guitar pups and what other pedals you run. I have two, I barely use them anymore since I've upgraded my gear. It's better to use two single ISP Decimators (one loop, one up front) than a single G-String because there is always more noise up front than in the loop, therefore having two threshold pots works better for ME. YMMV.
I actually get the opposite, more noise in the loop from the gain circuitry. However, I shielded my guitar pretty well and don't use much up front.

-but 2 regular isp decimators >> 1 g-string because of independent controls as mentioned above.