Hey guys, I was messing around on guitar, and decided what i did sounded kind of cool. I think it sucks, but my friends think its awesome. give me some good feedback! http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Lagunaguitar/music/all/play684558

BTW, im 13. You don't have to reply on the fourm. You can just rate or comment if u like
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you definitely know better than your friends do on this one.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
Playing's crap, but you know that already. The tone... well if it was a synth I could see room for improvement... seriously your friends must be the type of people who treat music like background noise...
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With pedals you can throw your guitar down for an impromptu pedal drone solo, whereas if you did that on a rack it would just look like you were programming your washing machine.