Hey, I'm trying to learn a couple of songs, and I got them down pretty well except for the parts with sweeping in them. Any advice or techniques that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Basically, sweep picking isnt something your gonna learn in 1 day, it takes away.
Some tips are make sure you know when to upstroke and downstroke, and follow that pattern no matter how weird it feels. On top of that, start somewhat slow until you can play the sweep w/o the tab, and continue to practice it. Also, the biggest thing that helped me is learning neoclassical sweep by gentaro satomura. It really will help you, and at first, I could do only 5 or 6 string, and not 3, because if you start the 3 string with a pulloff, and go down, the lowest note must be an upstroke.
EX. (^=upstroke, |= Downstroke)
| | | ^ ^ ^
If you do all this, you can probably learn to sweep pick really good in about 1 month, but it took me 3 months to be good at it, but I didnt have this info.
Also, a circular pick motion helps.
Thats about it, oh, and watch how others do it to get an idea of pick motion, and study music by Jason Becker (the best sweep picker in my opinion.)
Ok, finally, good luck.
just practice. like said, just start slow, and keep working on it, and you should have it in no time
Learn the shapes of the commonly used major, minor, and diminished arpeggios, and use proper muting to eliminate unwanted string noise. Start slowly, then gradually increase speed. Then learn songs that utilize sweep picking.