hello, I'm trying to learn 8 finger tapping, and I seem to have stuck myself in a bit of a problem. my right hand pinky isn't strong enough to strike the string hard enough to make a sound.

so, what I'm asking is, what kind of exercises can I do to strengthen my pinky? it doesn't have to be guitar related, I just need something to strengthen it up.

thanks in advance
Try the same exercises that you do for the left hand, just tap them out with the right.
Just for an example. Switch it up be only using your index and pinky, and middle and pinky and then ring and pinky. Best way to strengthen your pinky is to use it, and best way to get it use to the fretboard is to use it. Just practice and get it down. Another thing that I like to do is tap and pull of scales using my right and and left hand. syncs them up nice, and both hands get a good work out. Good luck!
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do trills with ring and pinky finger

its my RIGHT hand, I'm trying to 8-finger tap. but my pinky cannot produce any noise. it just struggles to push down.