From Musiciansfriend:
Yamaha CGS104A
Yamaha CG101A Classical Guitar
Ibanez GA Series GA5
Fender CDN90
Takamine G Series G124
Corboda C5* <- not sure because of high price, but will mention anyways
Yamaha CG111S Spruce Top*<- again.. the price.. =\
Yamaha CG111C Cedar Top*high price
Ibanez G Series G480*<- same as above
Dean España Solid Top*...

http://www.rondomusic.com/product1113.html <- Valencia CG-35r <---really looking for other opinions? Kinda leaning towards this one..

The above are some of the guitars I have my eyes on. I don't want to spend more than $200 but if it's $190 or $205, I please mention =]

Looking for: Low action, best sound possible for the price range/loudest.
Looking to stay away from: High action, buzzing frets

Am especially looking for help if anyone has had any experience with any of the guitars mentioned!

Now, is the jump of price, like the ones mentioned in the 220s up there, are they really much more worth it? I'm looking for a Bright, Punchy Sound
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Check out La Patrie. Fairly inexpensive guitars given the quality. They're made in Canada so if you're in North America NAFTA comes in handy. I have an old one I can sell but it's pretty beat up. Try checking out their website and see if you can find a local retailer.

EDIT: Okay, well they seem to only have guitars by La Patrie out of your price range...try looking used? Are you in Canada?
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United States

hmmm would preffer staying away from used really

Anyone know anything about the valencia guitars? Also the Ibanez GA series GA5 has good 5 star reviews on guitar center. These 2 are the ones I'm leaning at.

EDIT: Also saw this Ibanez for $200 at guitar center: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-G-Series-G100-Classical-Guitar-515788-i1389790.gc G series G100
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Have to try out each one and even try different stores if possible. The same model will sound different from guitar to guitar.
Generally, I've heard that Ibanez acoustic guitars (both steel and nylon string) aren't that well built, and for the same price you can buy and Ibanez acoustic for, you can get a much nicer one...Plus, I wouldn't go by the reviews on guitarcenter.com/musiciansfriend, a lot of people are waaaaaaaay to generous with their ratings.
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Ok... so... anyone mind telling me which of the choices listed is best? You guys just keep going around that question =P

I've also heard that Ibanez are better than yamahas so Ima stay neutral on that for now. Or do you think I'd do better with this Yamaha for $200? Still leaning towards the Ibanez, more opinions please! Some opinions on the specific guitars I've put up there would be great.
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From what I've heard, Yamaha makes much better acoustic guitars than ibanez does. Ibanez, like Fender, are much better with their electric guitars than their acoustic ones. If at all possible, try looking around used for one, because you want to be able to get a solid top, it'll sound better than a laminate top.

EDIT: Okay, after actually looking thru the OP, the bottom most yamaha ones (for $230ish new) are probably your best bet; They've got a solid top, and they're made by a company that makes excellent budget guitars. Between those two you'd have to choose between spruce or cedar, which really is completely up to you, Spruce tends to give a more bright sound, whereas cedar produces a warmer sound, to put it very very vaguely and briefly.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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If I had the money, I'd go after the Yamaha CG111C Cedar Top.

Well, I found it for $199 at Music Arts, checking to see if musiciansfriend will be a friend and price match it =P If so, i'll be getting that one for sure. Though the Yamaha CG111C (Cedar) is like $20s cheaper, the CG111S (spruce) is the same price. hmm Hopefully the action isn't high

I'm looking for a bright sound with punch to it if possible. Maybe I should go with the spruce for the more expensive price... doubt i can come up with that money though =\

if that fails, ima have to look into the Yamaha CG101A (2nd one listed up there). If money problems show up, Ima stick to a $150 yamaha with no solid top but spruce =\
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Stay away from the Ibanez my friend!

I'd recommend the Yamaha CG111S, you want spruce so get spruce. 30 dollars might put you down atm, but in the long run you're better off with a decent guitar rather than a pile of crap. (not that the other Yamaha's would be, but the solid top will give you a much better sound). It might seem a bit towards the top end but it will be a good future investment.
strangely enough, i may pay $300... I'm thinking about this one, the Yamaha CG171SF, http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-CG171SF-Flamenco-Guitar?sku=511105

I've got recommendations from elsewhere a lot and reviews look good =P the says low action, solid top spruce. Should be $300 on holidays, labor day coming up. If that fails, yamaha for $230 it is. Hopefully it doesn't fail lol, i might go crazy on pay the full $360 0_0
For your money I recommend getting a 2nd hand, they're usually better for the money than a new one. Also good luck with finding a guitar that's bright and punchy, they're ridiculously hard to find when you don't have the big bucks. Most classical guitars are just muddy pieces of crap.
A lot of the punch and brightness comes from your playing though, and you'll probably get better at pulling that off with practice(and I'm specifically thinking of the 2nd type picado technique).
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after listening to some of your songs already, my best advice would be to save up some more. $200 isnt much for a really decent classical guitar, try double that and your options and the quality of the options will increase a lot.
Yea.. I think i'll be getting that Yamaha CG171SF I mentioned in post#11. Anyone know if it'll be $300 during labor day? I hear the price is usually lowered on holidays.

A lot of the punch and brightness comes from your playing though, and you'll probably get better at pulling that off with practice

I know what you mean hehe. I'm thinking of re-doing the Farruca piece since I payed more attention to the timings and golpes and was able to figure some note things out and whatnot, basically I play it more controlled and better now lol. I've been... 'trying' not to waste the time that's passed since I recorded them.
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