So I was wondering if anyone else had this problem,
I have a Schecter C-7 FR with Active Duncan Designed Pups and my problem is the fact that when i play on clean i have horrible distortion, not the good kind either
i run it thru a BOSS ME-70 and i tried it without the pedal and it still did it
is it the pups that are causing the problems?
do EMGs distort the cleans too?
EMG's don't have much headroom... but you can still play clean on them... maybe roll off your volume a little bit and see if that helps
yeah the guy in a video plays pretty desent clean on C-1 i guess hejsut rolls off the voume and puts on a clean channel on the amp...

hmm anyways.. i guess those are designed specially for distortion/overdrive so.... anyways mess aroundthevol knob... see what comes out
are your pickups too close to the strings? are your batteries good? Wiring ok? pots grounded? Just a list of things you might want to look over