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Mostly books
1 17%
Mostly internet
2 33%
All book
1 17%
All internet
2 33%
0 0%
Voters: 6.
I'll admit, even though I have a UG account I don't use any of the tabs on this site. All of the tabs I use are from books because from what I've seen so far book tabs are much more accurate than internet ones.
some website called ultimate-guitar.com
My gear
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
B-52 LS100 Half Stack
Dunlop SW30 Slash Signature Wah
Digitech Hardwire CR-7 Stereo Chorus
Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay/Looper
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Fender CD220CE Acoustic
ultimate-guitar and riversofgore.

pretty much all i'll ever need
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