What Fx should i go for for my 5150 halfstack ?
Am considering the TC Nova System as i can use it to change channels via MIDI, also i can have more delay and mod options, tap tempo etc.
For the front end i will go with the ISP Decimator , and a Tube Screamer or TC Nova Drive which has MIDI preset options for more variations.

Or should i just go with simple Boss stomp boxes ???

What will give me a purer tone ? Any suggestions ?

i've never been a fan of the midi switching really, i could see it coming in handy for someone who has a huge variety of sounds though

id personally use the decimator/tubescreamer then maybe a delay and wah pedal?
Top lel.
a BBE Sonic Maximiser, that will improve your sound so much. It has for me.
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Ultimate pedal set up-
I have a Boss EQ in the loop,
Maxon OD808, MXR Carbon Copy, Flanger, and Stereo Chorus up front. I use an ICP Decimator for noise suppression. You can also use a Wah if you desire.
Whats i was asking was Multi Fx vs Stomp Boxes ?
I guess stomps win and that is where i was leaning towards aswell.