Alright, I'm headed off to university in the next two weeks, and I am disappointed in my Digitech RP80 + Crate GT30 combination, although... I'm willing to put up with it for a while longer, if this idea doesn't pull through.

I want stereo recordings for acoustic and, when I can, micing my amp. I've heard countless good things about POD Farm and the UX-series in general, so I think it would be good for that. If anyone has any comments on the quality I would expect if I would mic the amp, that would be great. I know how good it sounds with acoustics.

However, I need something to just practice on.
1) POD Farm is included with the interface, right? What is included in the basic package?
2) How is the latency with this setup, if I was just plugging into one DI-input?
3) Would I be able to play along to songs and such, while using POD farm?
4) Is POD Farm hard to setup and configure? Are user-made presets available like it is for the POD-platforms?

Thanks for info regarding that..


Another question... how much do you think I could get for my..
1) M-Audio Fast Track USB (interface/box/manual/included software + 48V phantom power adapter)
2) Digitech RP80 + original everything (box/manual/AC adapter)

1) yes its included. Basic effects and a few amp models are included. Nothing extensive but its enough.
2) zero latency.
3) yes
4) no, and i believe so, on the forums somewhere. There are presets made already too.
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