I received the guitar a day or two ago and I have a couple of questions. I can't make any good pictures right now because it's raining and it's dark even with all the lights on and the flash on the camera everything is ether dark or blurry. He said that the headstock looks like it had been repaired but to me it looks like someone has spilled something on it. What is a good way to safely remove it and what's some good product to use to clean it with? I have bottle of fender polish and conditioner can I use it? I know you can't tell from the picture but does it have electric guitar strings on it? Because it looks like it does I have never saw acoustic strings that are all silver. the E A D G strings have always been bronze colored.

Look what happened when I do stuff by myself. I have cleaned all the crap off the headstock it wasn't a repair it was just some crap. But in doing so I scratched the nameplate up a bit I would really like to know the names of some good products to use to clean it and polish it with.

Also I still don't know the model or age of this kinston. Can someone help me identify this guitar?


See it looks like someone has spilled something on it what do you think?Sorry it was the best picture that I could take



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