the other day me and my friend found a relatively old s101 egt34 black finish with gold hardware in his basement, he had forgot about it and told me i could just have it, probably cause it was in horrible condition and barely worked. A few hours later i have everything just about fixed and cleaned up. I dont know much about these guitars and have never completely refurbished one, but there were alot of things wrong. The only things left is one of the twenty something frets is a little popped up still and catches the high e string every once in awhile. Also, the main problem is that when i switch it treble it has a horrific feedback problem, not all the time by any means, but when you hands arent holding it just right it will scream at you with some of the worst feedback ive heard in awhile. It does it some with both pickups on, and almost not at all with the rhythm switched on.
If you have any comments or help please post. Not sure if its a completely crappy guitar yet, or if it could maybe use some new pups and maybe some better wiring.
If anyone know about the value of an s101 lp model, that would be nice info too, i doubt it would be worth more than a couple hundred, but its a nice thing to tinker around with.