hey guys, i was listening to some rancid and social d earlier, and realized i had no idea how to write a certain kind of solo.
the kind i mean can be heard in the song Tropical London by Rancid, and the main solo in Far Behind by Social Distortion.
i really like that kind of solo where it's rooted on the very low notes (low e and a string) but flows nicely into higher notes but doesn't lose its simplicity.
i know the only way to really learn those techniques would be to play them, learn the keys, play other similar things and make my own solos, but i wanted to know if anyone had any tips.
that makes sense.
i've never thought of that surprisingly.
most of the time i'd just work through a scale and come up with something cool, and come up with rhythm chords in the same key.
but doing it backwards actually seems pretty helpful.
A lot of solos by bands like that are variations on the vocal melodies. You might want to start there.