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Ok, so I don't know if UG will ever accept my tab of "The Siege", but since I finished it a while ago, and had a hell of a fight with trying to finish it with Guitar Pro constantly crashing while I almost had it done for days and days, I'm kind of sick of having another fight just getting it on the site. SO, I thought I'd at least share it with the metal forum.

I sent it in for the 4th time for approval already, so if you have the power to help a fool out, vote up. I mean, I'm not saying it's 100% accurate, I'm saying it's a Timeghoul tab. No wonder we don't see much underground dm tabs on this site if they just blow them off like that.
that's weird yeah idk why they would do that, makes no sense. hope they don't do that to other good tabs cause so far it really seems to be pretty close to spot on
Well, they did eventually accept it, after a tab mod helped and approved it. Currently taking a break from transcribing Timeghoul and tabbing out some Obliveon this time, cause I recently realized I had a bunch of their songs lying around waiting to be finished.
interesting premise there. looking forward to those then. it's always interesting to see transcriptions of rather unknown bands