I'm new to guitar. VERY new. I've only been practicing consistently for a few weeks now. I'm doing well because I already have a good base in music -- just not guitar.
I'm trying to learn to play "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch. The chords are easy for me. The strumming patterns are not so easy for me. Where can I go to learn them? I've never seen strumming patterns listed in any tabs or anything... I just wish it was noted what pattern the artist uses in the beginning of each section . Obviously it can seriously change a song to do the wrong strumming patterns.

So... for any given song, where do you go to find the strumming patterns? It seems silly to have to look on YouTube for that kind of thing.

Is there a point at which a good guitarist just "knows" all the strumming patterns? So when you hear a song you just need to figure the chords because the strumming pattern is so obvious to you already?
well if you have good rhythm you can listen to the song over and over and play along with it and eventualy you will get it usualy a lot of people have that kind of problem with trying to learn songs but eventualy after a lot of practice they can get i used to have that kind of problem with songs i try to learn by different artists but its usualy all either down all strums or up all strums or down up down up etc but some artists mix it up i know my fav singer when he plays living on a prayer on guitar he does up down up down down up down down which gets harder to do

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yea thats the downside to tabs. just listen to the song a lot and eventually you'll just know how the strumming goes. then its just a matter of playing what you hear.

hope that helps, probably doesn't make any sense though...

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I would start by strumming the down beats, so listen to the song and then tap your foot along to the beat. Every time you tap your foot strum down. Next start throwing in up strums in between the down beat. Play around with this until it starts sounding like the song. Eventually it'll just come naturally, just takes time and practice