Well I have been talking and planning and asking about this for almost a year now and Now that i have a job I can finally start. What I'm planning:
-Neck through SG (built to Gibson standards accept a thicker body, and neck through)
-Floyd Original, no knock-off crap (hence the thicker body than gibson makes)
-Quilted maple top with an Emerald stain, and high gloss finish
-Possible JEM style grooves behind Floyd

All Mahogany Neck and Body - $75
Floyd Original chrome - $175
Schaller Mini Locking Tuners - $54
Ebony 24 3/4" Pre-Slotted Fingerboard - $35.62
Quilted Maple veneer - $44.94
Hotrod Trussrod 18" - $15.89
GFS Crunchy Rails Bridge black on black - $32.95
GFS Vintage 59 Nickel - $37.95
Jumbo Fretwire - $5.22
Misc Pots, wire, etc. - ~$50
Green Pearl Trem cavity cover - $15.80

Anyone know where i can get:
-Peghead veneer Quilted maple
-Emerald Stain

If I am missing anything please let me know

Somthing like this but with a more darker emerald green and much clear coat and polish
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looks like a good build
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I'm picking up the wood this weekend, and ordering my router, hand plane, fretboard, and trussrod.
then in two weeks when i get paid again I will get the bridge, tuners, pickups.
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Alright, I want pics of your top once you get it
For the headstock veneer, can't you just use extra from your body veneer?
Also, I think a black bridge may look better with black knobs and the ebony fretboard.

will do
If i have enough left over
and I'll have to take that into consideration.
I'd suggest doing a darker stain than that, maybe a forest green? Try popping the grain with some black stain too.
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SG build

I fucking love you.
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Neck-through SG. That's what I was wanting to do. but i'll never get around to a build for a long time.

I'll be watching this closely.
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I'd suggest doing a darker stain than that, maybe a forest green? Try popping the grain with some black stain too.

thats what i'm going to do. I'm not to good with kisekae. what i want is somthing like

but quilted.
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^Yes. Rootbeerjuice like.

Just a quick question, what is that type of figure called?

I was wondering the same thing. lol

but on a side note, any ideas on what headstock shape i should use? i like the basic idea of Gibsons, but i want somthing a little more unique instead of the "moustache" shape. Today I'm getting my final templates put together.
Yeah thats high grade quilted maple.

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Looks great. One thing I don't like about traditional SGs are the thin bodies.
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normally they are 1 and 3/8" but due to the Floyd i have to make it 1 and 3/4"
Today I am going to order:
Router Bits
Trussrod routing bit

This weekend:
Picking up wood

Next week:
Quilted Maple Laminate

Or should i drop the extra cash for a more powerful variable speed router?
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