A few years ago my friend showed me this thing...I squatted down knees bent ass to the floor, then started breathing fast and heavily. After 20 seconds or so of this I would take one huge breath in and stand up. When I exhaled I would be high as **** for like 5 minutes. I know this is stupid and can probably kill you - if I want to get high I will smoke some excellent buds so I don't need to do this. I am just wondering if anyone else has heard of it, and what is the name for this practice?
Uh. Do you mean hyperventilating?

EDIT: Oh I didn't notice your username. So that's why you're asking.
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Hate to be an arse, but drug thread? Does this even qualify for that?
On topic: No, but is this like that stupid "choking game" thing? If it is, don't do it, it's basically hanging yourself.

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it is called cerebral hypoxia
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