Is it possible to put a Bigsby b5 on a semi hollow body? Specifically this one? http://prsguitars.com/secustomshsoapbar/index.html

If not, then I could just throw it on the SE soap bar solid body, but I'd prefer it semihollow.

I've been looking for a guitar with some soap bar pickups and any sort of non floating vibrato bar but I've had no luck other than a fender jazzmaster, which is above my price range (and I just don't really want a fender). Any alternatives?
This might still end up above price range if you really can't go over $1.2k but www.carvinguitars.com and make yourself a semi-hollow electric guitar, I'm sure the option is on there.

edit: yeah they definitely make semihollow guitars. direct link

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Yes, definitely out of my price range. The Jazzmaster Classic Player is $899 and that's too much. I'm looking around $700 max (just the guitar, not including the modded bridge), the PRS soap bar is only $515!