i dont understand it at all haha i heard the song is about being baptized or something? idk just someone shed some light on the meaning of the music video?
haha i have no clue.. the name doesnt relate to the song at all wich i'm guessing doesnt relate to the vid at all.. either way, awesome band..
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I've heard that they pick song names out of a hat. That why they have silly **** like Goats on a Boat.
i heard theres a huge thread on this band. take it there
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I like TDWP a LOT....but their video is just meh....I like the video for Stick Stickly (Attack Attack!) WAY more.....if TDWP did their vids more like this, I would be one happy camper....
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they did the spongebob theme song

but i agree someone please close this
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