I liked it a lot, very Mrazy
Nice, light, funky, uplifting.
Your voice is very nice as well, only thing I wasnt a fan of was the mix on your voice. I think the sound was too bright and trebly on you voice which may have been a result of the mic but you can probably sort it out in the mix.

But thats just me being picky

Overall awesome job

As for the c4c, you can check the link in my sig or i have an original w/o vox in my profile
not my kind of music but the solo is damn awesome, should make the music itself more interesting tho, put in some twists and more changes of chords, well thats my opinion and how i would do it
thx pinto about the mix, i'll look into tweaking vocals more on my projects here on out as I usually just compress and slap some verb on em..

gmaster appreciate the post.. twists and turns would definitely help out the song.
and glad you liked the solo
your music is very chilled and laid back which i like. sounded a lot like jack johnson. the quality was great too. this is just my preference but maybe make the guitar stand out more and play with a lot of chord embellishments. it is great the way it is though if you don't want to.

i have a few songs in my profile if you want to have a listen.
wow great song. you sing nice. reminds me of jack johnson a bit. as for crit, try bringing in some more variation after a few repeats. like in the melody of the vocals that keeps it more interesting. but really I'd love to crit more but I can't think of anything at all cos it's just really good. I'm sorry if your not satisfied with the crit but will you please crit mine? link is: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/JohnnySolo/music/
Very nice modern Beatles-like feel I think, funky indeed, I think the guitar could be more upfront, maybe a little edgier sound, but what do I know, i'm not that experienced. Like the solo though, nice crispy sound, and overall a nice laid back feel which I think is really great in the song.

Could you crit mine?

PS: Work it out is also awesome... Reggaesoul/jazz influences? I think its great!
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First off, really dug it. Whoever said Jack Johnson was right, and your voice is very well suited for this kind of song. Only real thing I could level against it is the opening with the drums. I dunno, it just sounded very "drum machine-ey". Maybe have the bass come in, sorta like it does in "Work It Out"? That's incredibly nit-picky though.

Random: i like the finger snaps on the up-beats of the solo

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freakin sweet man. very jack johnson ish. great singing. all in tune/key. i like the lyrics allot. as i have to go to work soon. are you a toker? you seem like you would be and i wana burn one with you. cool rythem. are you using a strat with clean tone? good job man. i love the solo/lead playing in this. mixed very well aswell. if you had a cd i would fork out my hard earned $ to buy it. im diggin this. great man. perfect lenth too.

i had to listen to blind. i remember criting this i think. i dont care for it as much as the other one. but its good too. i love you re voice so much man. this is cetchy stuff. very very good. i love youre style.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1189840