I just got a PreSonus Firestudio Project a few days ago, and bought a SM57 to go with it. I got it to mic my amp with, but I've seen people recording their acoustics on it, and even doing vocals. Problem is, I'm getting close to no sound out of the thing. Too even get moderate sound with my voice, I have to max out the input knob and the main knob with the mic almost touching my mouth. I went up to GC and had them check the mic, and it's fine [Compared it to another SM57].

I don't intend on doing vocals with it, but after seeing people using it for vocals, it seemed weird. So, my questions are: Is this output level normal? If it is, how the hell do people record their acoustics/vocals on this thing? Could it be the Firestudio [The 1/4" input is working fine].
Same here i just got Fast Track Pro from M-Audio and SM57 today... same problem. volume level is to low. And i don't understand too, how people are recording vocals with it if i have to turn my Volume nob to a 100% and just scream into the mic. I have posted in 2 forums. no replies Thats to bad if you spend your money on USB interface and it can't even feed SM57 with power don't know what to do. That's wrong! as i have used $4 microphone straight to my sound card and it is sooo loud... and now i am using M-Audio USB interface preamp and i cant even record anything
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M-Audio Sono 88,
ZOOM 606,
Shure SM57,
M-Audio Fast Track Pro,
Behringer XENYX X1222 USB,
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Are you using a cable that is XLR on one end and 1/4" on the other?
Try a cable with XLR on both ends.
Also, try different inputs. the first 2 inputs are for instruments (like DI'ing bass) so try input 3 or something.