hey guys, im working on this song about my ex best friend... tell me what you think! thanks!!!!!

(first verse)
i know this girl, she has a pretty face
shell say anything to make you believe her
shes got a million ways to make you think shes so innocent, just look at that smile
of hers

cos she doesnt care who it hurts
she can get anyone, anything thing she wants
shell deceive you, believe me, cos its happened three times before
and i just cant take this anymore

were runnin in circles now
she lies to my face cos when the truth comes out
shell wish its been erased
but i cant forget it
these are the consequences
if she didnt want this, she shouldnt have done it
i told her how i felt, she told me she understood
stupid me, i believed her, thought i could trust her
thought i could

(second verse)
if she cant treat me like a best friend
how can you expect me to respect her back
for everything ive ever said
i dont mean a thing, its just the fact that

they say stronger people keep things in
and weaker look for the easiest way out
if you dont want to listen, stop wasting my time
tell me even what were talking about?

this is not about jealousy
its about the way you betrayed me
you obviously dont care about me
or yourself or anybody

do you like where you are in life
cos if i were you i wouldve killed myself already
and like you do with the rest of your life,
change the song and put this one on mute

keep rockin' on