I honestly don't know what the genre is, it was meant to be post-hardcore but I think I strayed too much away
Anyways I've added to this song little by little over the summer and I can't find any inspiration to finish it or come up with anything else.
Anyone have any thoughts as to whether I should bother finishing it? Or where to go from here?
(127-158) is just an idea, nothing concrete I think it feels like the song changes too much from there.
Intro is great. Nice and happy. Instruments come in perfectly. So amazing. Cant def imagine some awesome falsetto vocals over the piano again. Craig Owens style. Palm muting at 97 def builds up and adds to epicness. I liked how you switched up a little at 109. Chorus was good. Nothing special but it works very well. Switching to 4/4 was done well. flowed nicely. Some of the chord progression seemed out of key and a little awkward.

Maybe after this go into a very long postrocky buildup to something massively epic.

Like in my song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1089912

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1186104
this is really cool man, ive been doing stuff like this myself. its very godspeed, sigur ros.

i cant be bothered doing a full crit atm. but good stuff man, i really love it
Intro is great, very relaxing. When all the instruments come in, it's like pure bliss; it's totally perfect. Absolutely fantastic. I almost want to give it a straight 10/10 just because of that.

When it goes back to piano, it's still great. The piano line is great, as is the underlying strings/synth. Bar 97 and on is amazing; I LOVE buildups. Absolutely fantastic. Bar 127 is... Gah. You gotta stop making all these awesome parts. I'm in envy. Obviously it ends abruptly because it's not done.

The bars you were speculating on are amazing. Don't change a thing.

For what's there, a 10/10, absolutely.

If you would be so gracious as to crit Tired of You, in my sig, it'd be greatly appreciated. Don't expect anything like this though.

I feel so small.