ok even though i have had this account for a while I barely started acctually using this account and updating it and such and well sorry for being such a noob but how can i change that (sig)

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lulz, best name ever.

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TS, your username is really difficult to type, so I'm just going to refer to you as Craig from now on. Okay? Okay.
Click on "private messages" (above the searchbar), then click on the "edit signature" button.
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Ironbodom, I hate you.

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damnit Ironbodom.

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Yes, someone "was ate jam" while they were playing.
Brilliant observation.

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do it.
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You had to put a penis option.......

The results are now nulled due to this being the pit.... The home of penis watch wearers.

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Rust in peace invented food
he sure is one legit dude
don't let it get to your head

Edit: ^ as long as he's not using firefox, it should work.

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Control panel

A post truly deserving of a /thread.

And that was not an attempt at getting sigged.
I think it's time for a change.

Sig v5.0 (approximate)
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If you've never frequented the forums before, you should still know to read the rules, which you haven't.


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