I have a kit to build a replica of a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal. I built it and it doesn't work (even though it is wired exactly how its supposed to be).....anyway.....I had an idea today. Would it sound good if I put the BB-1 chip into my TS9DX pedal? Would it work since it has the knob to pick the different settings? I dunno if that'd effect it or not. Do you have to do anything other than just putting in the chip? Any comments?
if it doesnt work with the proper parts that came in the kit, changing the chip will result in it still continuing not to work because you obviously did something wrong or wired it wrong.
You misread my post. The bluesbreaker is the one that doesn't work. I want to put the chip into the TS9DX, which does work.
yeah i did misread the post.

not familiar with the tsp or the bluesbreaker but if the pinout on the chip matches the one you want to substitute it should work. check the datasheets.
your need to find a data sheet for both sheets and then check that the pins match up correctly, also there may be different values and such in the pedals and might even end up frying the chip, might not be worth doing.
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