yes but you would need to buy a new pickguard and read up on your strat wiriness. It's not that hard, but it can go wrong.
If you want a full sized humbucker, you would have to see under your pickguard if its routed for a bigger pickup in the spot you want to use. If it is, you can get another pickguard that is cut for a H-S-S configuration or dremel your existing pickguard. Or you can get rail pickups which are 2 thin rails to form a humbucker in the same size as a single coil.
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what GeToChKn said.
You have to go over the 100 bucks depending on whether you get a second hand or new pickup.
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The last meaning the one closest to the bridge? Well, if you dont have the pickup you want to use, or a router, that could cost you over $100 right there. Getting it professionally done, along with the cost of the pickup and pickguard, it'll probably be over $100.