Hello everyone. I've been playing for a couple months now, and I'm not really seeing much improvement in the last few weeks of playing. I'm wondering, specifically, what I should practice to improve my speed and fingering technique.
Any help is appreciated! :]
as long as you have a goal keep working at it. theres a point in every guitatists career where his learning has come to a hump, just keep going. it happens to everyone.
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For left hand technique you need to practice trills. This will strengthen your hand significantly... Here is a video that will explain what that is in greater detail..... but basically you do hammer ons and pull offs with different finger combinations:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JQkwzbqcaw (there are 7 parts, don't worry he's pretty entertaining actually).

What I do for right hand technique is get a metronome, set it to like 76 bpm and play 4 notes per beat... once it's tight and in time just keep increasing the bpm.

Also look up scale patterns on the internet and practice those with a metronome.

These are the basic motions that are used in lead guitar..... IDK if you have a teacher or not but if you don't just search for guitar lessons on the internet and youtube. You will find a lot of bad ones but the few that are good are very helpful.
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