hey guys, im going to buy an amp and I cant decide what should i get, im short in cash so buying more expensive amp is not an option!
so my three choises are:
LINE 6 Spider III 15, maybe not new 30 one?
roland cube 15x
im going to play rock, punk, blues mostly
help me out guys!
don't know about the new iv's but the spider iii's are better avoided due to their digital tone

if you want a modeling amp look at the Peavey Vypyr's which have a much more natural sounding analog distortion , i've been looking into the higher end versions of these recently and am strongly considering getting one myself

also i don't have any experience with them but the roland cubes are highly recommended around these parts

don't know about the vox but they usually make decent ss amps
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the cube...but you should've probably posted this in the gear and accessories forum
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