Sorry if it's been done before but what are some good songs to play for a group of 5-10 people whose musical preferences I don't particularly know? I'm into classic/alternative/indie rock myself, so I would definitely want to play rock songs as opposed to pop songs.
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Who's the band that could become the next led zeppelin?
Iron blimp.
Aluminum helicopter.
*Breaks out periodic table* Magnesium bi-plane.
Free Bird in its entireity.

Actually, do that only when the smart-ass in the group inevitably yells it.

In terms of more realistic fare...... maybe some Continuum-era John Mayer. If women are there, you will be set for at least three nights.

Jack Johnson? DMB? Acoustic Incubus?
for a group of 5-10 people meaning that is your audience size? or that is the size of your band?
songs everyone knows are the way to go for things like this, chili peppers, foo fighters etc. even if they don't much like them they will have heard of them and that makes a huge difference to theit enjoyment of it.
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The Beatles should work. Day Tripper is fun and easy to play.
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